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Windows are truly a multi purpose feature of your home. They let in natural light and bring the color and texture of the landscape surrounding your home inside. They make your indoor living space seem bigger and more open.

Windows can also add architectural interest to both the interior and exterior of your home. The size and shape of your home’s windows can have a big impact on its atmosphere and appearance.

Probably the most important feature of your windows is to provide a barrier between your home and Mother Nature. Letting the light and the beauty of the landscape in is great but your windows also keep out the elements.

They provide protection for your home and family from wind, rain and snow in the fall and winter. They keep the heat in when it’s cold and the air conditioning in when it’s hot. Of course, when the temperature is just right and there is a nice breeze, you can open them up and let in the fresh air.

Are your windows doing everything they should? If you have old windows, especially ones original to an older home, they probably aren’t. If you can see your curtains move when the wind is howling and the windows are closed, your heat is escaping. If air can get in, water probably can too, resulting in higher energy cost and potential damage from leaks.

Older windows can also become difficult to operate. Do you have to struggle to get the windows open or prop them up because they won’t stay open? If your windows don’t open and close properly, are drafty or just plain ugly, it might be time to consider your window replacement options. 

Today’s window replacement options are built to be energy efficient with insulated frames, specially treated or double paned glass, and advanced sealants. They create a weatherproof barrier, provide superior functionality and still add style and beauty to your home.

Home Pro Remodeling can install all types of window replacement options to enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of your home. We also replace and repair skylights. While these provide your home with even more natural light, they can be more vulnerable to the elements that the rest of your home’s windows.

If your home’s windows are old and no longer functioning properly and you’re ready to replace them, we can take care of it for you.

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