Window Replacement – How Do You Know It’s Time?

Most people aren’t too concerned about the performance and efficiency of their windows until winter approaches. As the temperatures start to drop, our focus turns to keeping our homes warm. If you have old or drafty windows, you could be spending a lot of extra money on heat. There are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to consider window replacement.

Bad Seals

The seals around your windows can wear down and become ineffective over time. When this happens, air can leak through from the outside. Windows are meant to be a barrier against outside temperatures. Bad seals cause your home to be harder to cool in the summer and harder to heat in the winter. You’re essentially throwing your money out the window, figuratively speaking.

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If you’re noticing drafts coming from your windows or condensation collecting on the inside of the pane, then you may have bad seals that require window replacement.  

Old or Poorly Functioning Frames

No matter the season, window frames, especially wooden ones, take a beating from the elements. After years of wear and tear from rain, snow, insects, and debris frames can become warped or cracked. This will result in air leaks that make the house drafty and hard to efficiently heat or cool.

A window that doesn’t function properly can be just as bad as one that isn’t well-sealed. If it takes extra force to open a window, or you have one that won’t lock, you’ll definitely want to consider window replacement. Doing so will improve the airflow in your home. Plus, poorly functioning windows are a safety hazard. A window that won’t open prevents escape in the event of a house fire, and a window that won’t lock is an easy target for burglars.

Single Pane

Do you own an older home that still has single pane windows? If so, you’ll definitely want to consider window replacement. Double pane windows have an insulating layer of gas between the two panes of glass that acts as a barrier. Single pane windows don’t provide nearly the same level of insulation, making them significantly less energy efficient.

Window Replacement Benefits

If you notice any one of these issues with your windows, it may be time for an upgrade. Newer windows are much more energy efficient. You’ll use less power to regulate the temperature of your home and subsequently spend less money.

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Window replacements insulate against more than temperature. They also insulate against sound. New windows reduce the amount of outside noise that gets filtered into your home. It’s hard to fall asleep at night when you’re constantly hearing cars zooming past on the freeway near your home. Window replacements can really benefit people who live in noisy neighborhoods or near high-traffic areas.

Home Pro Remodeling – Trusted Window Replacement

You windows are designed to allow you to view the outside world without being subjected to the elements. You should be able to look at the winter snow falling, without having to feel like it’s winter in your home. Likewise, you can enjoy a sunny summer afternoon without feeling like your house is a sauna. In order to effectively regulate the temperature inside, windows need to act as the barrier they’re intended to be.

Home Pro Remodeling has friendly, knowledgeable staff that can assist you with all your needs. Our services aren’t limited to window replacement. We also repair and install roofing, siding, and gutters. With 27 years of industry experience, you can trust that your home is in excellent care. Call or send a message today to schedule your free estimate!

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