Window Replacement: Keep the Cold Air Out This Winter

Your windows provide protection for your home and family from wind, rain, and snow. They keep the heat in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. This is why it is so important to make sure your windows are functioning properly at all times. When they aren’t, window replacement is imperative.

Deciding when to have your windows replaced can be difficult. While technically it can be done any time of the year, replacing your windows before winter comes is always a good choice. The last thing you want during a harsh winter is for your windows not to function properly, so make sure you fully understand how to determine whether or not you need window replacement.

Noticeable Damage

The easiest way to tell if you need to replace your windows is if there is obvious damage to them. A large crack in the window is the easiest problem to spot but the glass on your window should not be your only concern.

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You’ll want to make sure the window frame is still fully intact. Take a look at the caulking around the window is not missing or damaged. Caulking is what keeps your window frame sealed and protected from the elements outside. If there is a break in that seal, it will allow a draft to flow through in your home and you may even experience water damage. Also, ensure that your weatherstripping is not too worn out. Over time weatherstripping can become less effective, allowing air to pass through even if your windows are shut and locked.

Increase In Energy Bills  

Another way to evaluate your need for window replacement is to check your energy bills over the last couple of years. If you notice that your energy bill has steadily increased over time, it could be because of your windows. When the air outside is allowed to penetrate your windows, it will affect your home’s energy efficiency. With damaged windows, your HVAC system will have to kick it into overdrive to keep your home at the desired temperature throughout the year. This not only can make it an uncomfortable temperature but it will send your energy bills through the roof. Your best option is to have your windows replaced now in order to save money over time.

Harsh Winter Ahead

If you’re expecting an abnormally harsh winter this year, that is a great reason for window replacement. Average winter temperatures are tough enough on your home, but a winter full of heavy blizzards can cause some serious problems for anyone with old or damaged windows. Not only will you have a hard time keeping your home nice and warm but heavy snowfall can easily lead to water penetrating a faulty window. So, if you’re expecting a winter that is harsher than usual this year than you may want to consider window replacement.

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Window Replacement at the Right Time

Now that you understand what to look for when determining if your home needs window replacement, it’s time to inspect your windows. Take a look at all of your windows to see if there is any noticeable damage like large cracks or worn weatherstripping. If you don’t feel confident in your own judgment, call in a professional to inspect all of your windows.

At Home Pro Remodeling, we can help you determine when window replacement is necessary for your home. Our window replacement options are built to be energy efficient with insulated frames, specially treated or double-paned glass, and advanced sealants. They create a weatherproof barrier, provide superior functionality and still add style and beauty to your home. If you think your home is in need of window replacement, give us a call today!

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