Siding Contractor in NJ: Types of Eco-Friendly Siding

Are you a responsible homeowner looking for eco-friendly siding? Luckily, you have several options of siding that can protect your home without putting a strain on the environment. Regardless of the design your home, a siding contractor in NJ can supply an eco-friendly siding that’s perfect. Here are some great choices of siding that look beautiful and protect the environment.


Wood is a very popular choice for siding that gives your home a rustic look without a large environmental footprint. Coming directly from nature. Wood siding is both sustainable, recyclable. You also have many options including cedar, redwood, fir, and pine. Cedar is the top choice for sustainability due to its light weight. Lighter wood takes fewer resources to transport, so less power is wasted. Also, cedar is naturally insect and moisture resistant so it doesn’t require harmful treatment to remain protective.

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For the most eco-friendly approach, try to find locally grown and sourced wood. Also, the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative certify eco-friendly wood so you know it’s the real deal. Another great option is using finding a siding contractor in NJ who offers salvaged or reclaimed wood. This way you can protect the environment while adorning your home with wood that tells a story.


Metal siding such as aluminum or steel is a very renewable material. In fact, steel is the #1 most recycled material in the United States. A house that would require 50 trees to side only needs six scrapped steel cars. Every hour of labor on a siding project adds additional stress to the environment. Professionals need to drive to the home and use machinery and chemicals to get the job done. Requiring little maintenance and upkeep, metal siding a great renewable choice for your home.


Stucco siding is typically made of cement, sand, water, and limestone. This mix uses no synthetics or chemicals, so it is relatively easy on the environment. Even more eco-friendly is limestone plaster stucco. This plaster removes cement from the equation, resulting in lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Also, stucco without cement is removable, so the materials underneath the stucco can be recycled. A siding contractor in NJ can provide you with Limestone plaster that benefits both you and the environment.

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Stone siding is another strong choice for environmentally friendly siding. Real stone is natural and doesn’t need any treatment with chemicals or synthetics. To get the most eco-friendly stone siding, have your siding contractor in NJ make sure it is locally mined and sourced. Environmentally responsible stone excavation can actually improve the condition of the land and uses eco-friendly machinery. Stone requires essentially no manufacturing and is recyclable. Stone also maintains the temperature of your home, making it more energy efficient.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is the green alternative to vinyl. Made from sand, wood pulp, and cement, Fiber cement emits few dioxins during manufacturing. Also, burning fiber cement doesn’t result in dangerous fumes in the way that vinyl does. Fiber cement also can have a similar appearance to wood siding but doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance.

Getting Started with a Siding Contractor in NJ

If you are looking to get started on an eco-friendly siding project, you are going to need the very best siding contractor in NJ. Home Pro Remodeling has 27 years of experience serving the Jersey Shore and is the best option for eco-friendly siding. All of Home Pro Remodeling’s expert services come with a satisfaction guarantee. Home Pro Remodeling won’t stop working until you love your eco-friendly siding. Contact Home Pro Remodeling and allow them to re-imagine your home today.

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