How Gutter Services Can Help Protect Your Home

With winter coming around the corner, it is time to think about cleaning and inspecting your gutters to get ready for the harsh weather to come. One of the most important aspects of maintaining the exterior condition of your home is having quality gutters. When gutters are clogged, have leaks, or are badly damaged it can lead to severe problems to your roofing, siding, and even your foundation. All types of gutter services are available to help keep your home in excellent condition.

Pros and Cons of Gutter Materials  

Before deciding on which type of gutter best suits your needs, you should understand what different materials have to offer. What are the positives and what are the negatives of each one?


Pros: Fairly weather-resistant and easy to install. Costing only $4 to $9 per linear foot, aluminum gutters are an economical choice. With a wide variety of colors, aluminum gutters can be customized to the style and color of your home.

Cons: Easy installation does not come without a price. Aluminum gutters are easily bent and damaged by strong winds and flying debris. As a result, this type of gutter requires more maintenance than other gutter materials.


Pros: Copper offers strong durability and a unique architectural aspect to your home.

Cons: With an average of $20 per linear foot, Copper is the most expensive gutter material. Also if you wish to keep that golden brown copper color, you’ll need to invest more money in maintaining your gutters. But if you want the patina created by oxidation which turns copper a greenish color, then, by all means, go green.

How Gutter Services Can Help Protect Your Home

Stainless Steel

Pros: Though they are not a popular choice for residential use, stainless steel gutters are the most durable gutter material there is. If maintained properly, these gutters can last a lifetime, even through extreme weather conditions. Cost is $4 to $8 per linear foot.

Cons: Stainless steel has low curb appeal and requires consistent maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion.


Pros: Easy to install. With many different color options, Vinyl has a great curb appeal. And at $3 to $5 per linear foot, they are one of the most economical choices for your gutter material.

Cons: Not very durable. With continuous exposure to extreme temperatures, Vinyl gutters with crack and can be easily damaged by strong winds.


Pros: Very rare choice but offer good curb appeal.

Cons: Heavy maintenance is required to prevent rotting and cracks. Wood gutters are not economical since they are difficult to install and cost around $16 per linear foot.

Gutter Guards Can Help Save Time and Money

One way to eliminate the need for frequent cleaning of your gutters is to install gutter guards. But depending on your location and the surrounding area of your home, they may not be necessary. This is why it is very important to be informed before installing gutter guards.

If you live in an area with a large amount of trees, then gutter guards are something you should consider. If you live in an open area with very few trees, gutter guards could actually be a waste of time and money for you.


  • Can be added to existing gutters.
  • Eliminate the need for frequent cleaning.
  • Prevents birds from building nests inside of your gutters.
  • Helps to prevent rust and corrosion from happening, allowing your gutters to last longer.
  • Heated gutter guards are available to help melt ice and snow during the winter months.


  • Installation can be expensive. Costs vary from $700 to thousands of dollars. Those who live in an area with very few trees may not need gutter guards, making the price of installing them an unnecessary expense.
  • Tree seeds that get caught in your guards can sprout gutter trees.
  • Though much easier and less frequent, cleaning is still required.
  • Leaning a ladder on your gutter may dent your guards, making them less effective.
  • The additional weight of the guards has the potential to cause your gutter to sag in the middle.

Installing and Cleaning Gutters: You vs. Professionals

Unless you’re a handyman like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, it is not recommended that you install or clean your own gutters. Those who are handy and/or live in a one story home can get away with providing their own gutter services.

If you do decide to install or clean your own gutters, please be aware of the safety concerns:

  • Never clean or install gutters while standing on the roof. Always use a ladder and avoid standing on the top three rungs of the ladder.
  • Attach two buckets with wired hooks to your ladder. One bucket for debris and one for the tools you will need. This allows you to have easy access to them while lowering your risk of falling.
  • Make sure the area below your ladder is clear. Falling debris or tools can cause damage to whatever is around you.

How Gutter Services Can Help Protect Your Home

If you take the proper safety precautions, then you should be able to clean your gutters just fine. But if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional. They’re called professionals for a reason. They’re experts in how to clean and install gutters safely and properly with every tool required to do so.

Quality Gutter Services Are Key to Home Maintenance

The gutter services you choose will have a big impact on the exterior condition of your home. It is important to understand which gutter system would be best for your home and how to maintain it.
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